White Crane Haven


IC Information

White Crane Haven is a neutral sanctuary and charity started by a Raen woman and named to honor her family.

Her clan, the White Crane of the Fanged Crescent Mountains had slowly declined due to various reasons. Taking the advice of the Clan's elders, the Raen set out and began to travel Hydaelyn until finally settling in Vylbrand after many years later.

Now, after purchasing and building the White Crane Palace, the Benefactress, Kokona Kumokiri has opened her doors offering refuge to the weary and downtrodden, a sense of purpose to those who need it and a better life to all who cross her path.

All walks of life make their home within the Palace. From the most humble Lalafellen to the most auspicious Au Ra, all are welcomed.

White Crane Palace

Located within the Mists on the continent of Vylbrand, the White Crane Palace sits in all its glory. Its gleaming façade basking in the sun.

A modest palace by design, it hosts private and public suites within a tranquil setting.

The doors to the main hall of the palace remain open to travelers and visitors alike. Those thinking to enter with ill intentions would be hard pressed to carry out any nefarious deeds as the Palace is heavily warded with Far Eastern magics.

Inside the Palace

Upon entry, visitors will find themselves in the Jīn Yù Mǎn Táng Hall where comfortable and luxurious couches wait along with a fully stocked bar.

Visitors will be greeted by guard or by the Seneschal of the Palace or even the Lady of the Palace herself.

Deng Yi Deng Hall, the Palace's public dining room serves delicious Far Eastern delicacies along with a variety of Eorzean food.

All other areas of the Palace are off limits to visitors.

First floor - Jīn Yù Mǎn Táng Hall ((Gold and Jade Hall)
Basement - Deng Yi Deng Hall (( Wait a Moment Hall))

Opportunities Within the Haven

The Haven offers many opportunities to its guests and residents. If you are looking for a relaxing and quiet spot or perhaps you are in need of employment, the Haven is able to assist with those.

The Residents and House Allies of the Haven have a private suite and may come and go as they please. They may avail themselves upon the amenities at the Haven , partake in the education courses offered as well as offer their own services to other residences and guests.

The Haven is always in need of staff and is willing to train those search for a better life or a new skill.

Employment Positions:
Palace Staff - Personal Attendant, Maid, Assistant CooksSecurity Staff - Full security detailMinistry - Spiritual and Educational Instructors
If you are wanting to expand your knowledge, learn a new skill or simply cultivate a better life there are those within the Haven willing to instruct you.

The Haven considers itself to be a neutral territory and for that purpose requires people to represent the Haven in the best light possible.

Elder Enclave
Elder - ((This is an officer position.))

OOC Information

The FC is made up of working adults who value their time and want to spend it doing something they love; FFXIV!

Whether you craft, pvp, pve or just RP, we welcome you to come play the game with us.

How the FC is structured:
ICly the FC is under the guidance of one person who relies on a number of people to see things done.
It is a private estate open to all and is considered neutral territory. While the FC aesthetics are Doman/Hingan inspired, the FC itself is not solely a Far Eastern FC. We welcome all of Hydaelyn's children. FC colors: White, Gold
Benefactress - Leadership
Elder Enclave - Officer
Ambassador - Member with IC & OOC responsibilities.
Palace Staff - Member with IC & OOC responsibilities.
Resident - Regular Member
House Ally - Regular Member
Guest - Trial Member

FC House Location
The Mists- Ward 22 - Plot 29

A link to the Discord will be provide upon joining the FC. It is for members only.

Our FC welcomes other FCs to become allies whether it be for RP purposes or to help fill spots needed for PvE events.

Please contact Kokona directly.

Committees are available OOCly for all members, except Trial, to join to help the FC grow and become a welcoming and enjoyable place for all. There is no limit when joining a committee.

Available Committees

FC Guidelines

Below are some guidelines to help our FC stay true to course and ensure an enjoyable time for one and all.

General Guidelines;
Player AND Character must be over the age of 18. Do not confuse IC events, reactions, actions as OOC. If you feel that you are unable to keep IC and OOC apart, this is not the FC for you. Do not post MSQ spoilers in any channel of our discord except for designated spots.Metagaming, Godmoding are strictly prohibited.Lore breaking, alternate universe or other mmo characters are prohibited. Lore-bending is welcomed as long as you can provide some resources to back up your character.Badmouthing, drama inducing, slander, hate speech against others or the FC will not be tolerated. This FC welcomes everyone. We don't care what yours or your character's race, gender or creed is.
Roleplay Guidelines;
Keep OOC chatter to a minimum during events.Put your best post forward. While not everyone RPs the same, everyone's standards should be about putting your best effort into RP. Typos and grammatical errors happen to everyone. Just correct yourself and move on. Leet speak, abbreviated text (like using U instead of typing You) is not allowed. And remember, punctuation and capitalization are your friends.

Accept gentle criticism and guidance from other members. If you are new to RP, please do not hesitate to ask for help and guidance. Do not expect to be spoon-fed RP. Committees will help foster the RP for FC members but it requires your participation. Give some in order to get some. All alignments are welcomed within the FC. IC actions have IC consequences. If your character commits a heinous crime ICly and it is discovered ICly, please expect actions to be taken. Your character could be asked to leave the FC. ERP is prohibited in any public room, in /say chat, or with any characters under legal age regardless of where your character is at in any public setting. If you are going to partake in ERP please keep it to party or whisper chat. If it is discovered that you are erping in public chat, you will be removed from the FC.
Membership Guidelines
Membership cap will be 30 active members. Alts will be limited to 3 per each active member.Activity - Any main characters inactive for more than 40 days without prior notice will be removed along with their alts. You are welcomed to join back upon your return.We are not a parking lot for Alts. If you wish to join the FC on an alt because your main is in another, be aware that your participation will be monitored. Alt characters inactive for more than 30 days will be removed.Cliques will not be tolerated.- This FC is an all inclusive FC. That means that members should interact with one another within the FC. If it is noticed that you interact with a few or select members, you will be contacted for an explanation. Our Discord is for members only and select guests. Do not issue an invite without speaking to Leadership first.

This section applies to all chat channels, Discord and other forms of communication.

If you have a grievance with another member or player do not escalate the situation by instigating or retaliating. Take screenshots and reach out to Leadership.

Grievances include; trolling, making someone uncomfortable, disturbing behavior, detrimental actions towards the FC and it's members.

Toxicity will not be tolerated.

If you are caught behaving in a toxic manner towards the FC or another person regardless if they are in the FC or not, you will be contacted and asked to explain. If it is determined that you are the problem, you will be removed without notification.

Joining the FC

Thank you for your interest in White Crane Haven! I appreciate that you've read thus far and perhaps want to give the FC a shot.

Joining the FC is a rather painless process consisting of an OOC interview followed by an IC interview.

Contact Leadership:
In game - Kokona Kumokiri or Discord - La-la-bell#5872

Palace Staff:

Seneschal - the steward or major-domo of the palace. - Filled
This position of importance as you will be tasked to handle some of the daily running of the palace; dealing with staff and guests alike.Reports to the Benefactress.

House Staff - Open
This position is charged with seeing the palace remains in its glorious state and life flows smoothly for the residents. Reports to the Seneschal

Personal Attendant - Open - Limited spots
This position is charged with the daily care of the person they're assigned to; whether guest or resident.Reports to the Seneschal

Head of Security - Open
This position requires a person of outstanding merits as they are charged with the safety of everyone within the FC. Reports to the Benefactress.
Security / Guard Detail - Open
This position requires the knowledge of combat, insuring the lives of the FC. Reports to the Head of Security

Palace Staff con't:

Ministry - The Ministry houses several different positions. - Open

Ministry of Education - charged with educating those in need with the FC.
Comprised of several instructors.
Ministry of Healing - charged with the mental and physical wellbeing of the FC.
Comprised of Healers from all disciplines. Reports to the Benefactress.

Ambassador - Open - Limited
This position is one of great importance and requires finesse and understanding of politics throughout Hydaelyn. This position represents the FC to the outside world.Reports to the Benefactress.

Non-staff Positions;

House Ally - Open - Limited
This position is one of business associates to ally themselves with the Haven. This position offers a private suite and a place to provide goods or services to the residents and guests of the Haven.Reports to the Benefactress.

Education Opportunities

Members are given ample opportunities to cultivate a better life regardless who or what they are.

Offered lessons:
Basic reading and writing in Common.Other languages; Doman , XaelicAlchemy.Botany. Aetheric studies.

Combat training
Offered lessons:
Basic defense.Weaponry. Advanced weapon skills.
Other *
Offered lessons:
MeditationMassage Therapy
(( Instructors needed. ))


Committees are open to all current and active members and are considered an OOC responsibility. Joining a committee is not required when joining the FC. It is an optional way to give back to the FC and be a part of our growth.

RP Committee

The RP committee will be responsible for bringing forth those excellent ideas for public and private events for their FC members to enjoy!

This includes events like:
Server events.

Once the committee has decided on the event, they must pass it through Leadership before beginning any actual preparation. After Leadership has given the okay, the RP committee is responsible for gathering volunteers and conducting the events.

PvE Committee

The Pve committee will be responsible for bringing forth those excellent ideas for Player versus Environment!

This includes events like;
Map Nights
MSQ Dungeon Nights

Once the committee has decided on the event, they must pass it through Leadership before beginning any actual preparation. After Leadership has given the okay, the PvE committee is responsible for gathering party members and following through.

PvP Committee

The PvP committee will be responsible for bringing forth murder and mayhem for Player versus Player!

This includes events like;

Once the committee has decided on the event, they must pass it through Leadership before beginning any actual preparation. After Leadership has given the okay, the PvP committee is responsible for gathering party members and following through.

Hot Pot for Charity

Tuesdays 7:30 pm EST - The Mists Ward 22 - Plot 29

Welcome to the White Crane Haven's Hot Pot for Charity Night.
We hope you've come hungry and enjoy all the delicious foods prepared by our chef.
There is no charge for your dinner; We ask that you make a donation to the Haven that will go to an in-need organization.
This month's receipent is:
The 1st Widowers Society of Gridania

Pick Your Base

Spicy Beef Soup

Wild Mushroom Soup

Pick Your Starch

Sticky Rice


Rice Noodle

Add Some Meat - Up to two choices

Koshu Pork

Dodo breast
Dzo Tenderloin

So many veggies - Unlimited choices

Bok choy
Winter Melon
Bean sprouts

Popotoes / Sweet Popotoes
Shiitake mushrooms

Tangy Accompaniments

Sesame butter
Hoisin sauce
Soy sauce
Minced Garlic

Sesame oil
Chili oil
White pepper

Beverages / Dessert


Iced Green Tea

Hot Teas: by the pot
Doman TeaPersimmon TeaGreen Tea
Rolanberry Juice
Orange Juice
Faerie Apple Juice


Alcoholic - Limited Quantities provided

Snow Maiden Sake
Plum Sake
Red Wine
White Wine
Garlean Vodka
Redcap Whiskey

Sweet Treats
Red bean Daifuku
Green Tea Dango

Point of Contact:
Kokona Kumokiri
Lasse Cyprus